Tauranga Musica 2022 Concert Series

We have an exciting concert series prepared for 2022. Remember, you can save by buying tickets to all concerts!

Click on a concert for more information. Programme notes for each concert will be made available closer to the events, so do check back.

L'horizon chimérique
Sunday 20th March 2022, 4.00pm
Wesley Church, 13th Avenue map »
David Kelly (Piano), Anna Simmons (Soprano), Angus Simmons (Baritone), Luca Manghi (Flute)
Saturday 9th April 2022, 4.00pm
Addison Theatre, Baycourt map »
Matthew Barris (Baritone/Tenor), Tomairangi Henare (Baritone), Morgan-Andrew King (Bass), Lila Junior "LJ" Crichton (Tenor)
Darroch/Cowan Duo
Sunday 8th May 2022, 4.00pm
Tauranga Park Auditorium, 383 Pyes Pa Rd, Tauranga map »
Steve Cowan (Guitar), Hannah Darroch (Flute)
Ol' King Cole
Sunday 26th June 2022, 4.00pm
X Space, Baycourt, Tauranga map »
Louis Thompson-Munn (Piano/Vocals), Phoebe Johnson (Double bass), Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa (drums)
Hammers & Horsehair
Sunday 28th August 2022, 2.00pm
X Space, Baycourt, Tauranga map »
Douglas Mews (Piano), Rowena Simpson (Soprano), Robert Ibell (Cello)
Chalium Poppy & Catherine Smalberger
Sunday 25th September 2022, 2.00pm
St Peter's, 15 Victoria Rd map »
Chalium Poppy (Bass/Baritone), Catherine Smalberger (Piano)

Tauranga Musica has been hosting concerts for over 20 years - you can also browse our previous seasons.